FileMaker 16: New JSON Functions

One of the highest community voted features making its way into the release of FileMaker 16 is a new set of functions dedicated to the parsing of JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) text strings. [...]

FileMaker 16: Layout Objects Window

Once upon a time FileMaker layouts were simple. Everything was visible all of the time and unless it was done by mistake, we never stacked objects on top of one another. Over the years however, a [...]

FileMaker 16: New Windows Interface

With the release of FileMaker Pro 16 a great new feature has been introduced for those of us who use the Windows operating system. The FileMaker Pro 16 Windows interface has been redesigned to [...]

FileMaker 16: The FileMaker Data API

REST comes to FileMaker

While we have been able to use plugins and the Insert from URL script step to consume data from other web-based systems using either SOAP or REST services, [...]

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