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Skeleton Key offers a full range of application development, technology consulting and training services to businesses of any size. We also augment corporate I.T. departments by offering expertise in Mac/PC integration, networking and application development.

Here’s what differentiates us from the competition:

  • Focus on service, not products. Vendor independence allows us to maintain a position that is reseller neutral, as we don’t sell anything other than advice and assistance in implementing technology solutions best suited to a customers’ needs.
  • Plan the work, work the plan. This approach helps us maintain quality and focus, which helps mitigate a variety of problems, e.g. scheduling conflicts, security loopholes, system incompatibility or scope creep.
  • Document relentlessly. We maintain a written summary of all the work we plan to do, as well as what we have done, and regularly review, document and secure our customers’ business critical information, thereby establishing a culture of communication that is both reliable and safe.
  • Prioritize fairly. We rely on close communication with our customers as to what is most critical to their business and operations, which allows us to accurately assess the priority of each project and thereby meet the true needs of many customers while effectively managing our excellent people.

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