Meet the team at Skeleton Key!

We thought the best way to describe our team members was to have our colleagues come up with descriptions. These are written by Skeleton Key employees, about one another:

Mark Richman, Owner, President, FileMaker Certified Developer, FileMaker Authorized Trainer

  • Mark is that guy you expect when you go out and hire a “Consultant.” When Mark meets with a customer’s team, he grasps their organization’s workflow quickly, analyzes what needs to take place to solve the problem, and communicates it efficiently. read more

Oliver Block, Owner, Apple Certified Technical Coordinator, Systems Analyst

  • Logical and measured, Oliver is a good compliment to Mark as a partner in the business. His technical skills are excellent, but on the rare occasion that he doesn’t have an answer to a question he’s the first to admit it and tell you he’ll need to look into it and get back to you. And when he tells you he’ll get back to you, he does. read more

Chad Adams, FileMaker Certified Developer

  • Chad is the straightest shooter of them all. He refuses to over-promise on anything, both externally and internally. That is all too rare in software developers, consultants, contractors – probably members of every profession. Chad clearly states what he can accomplish and when he can accomplish it, then he delivers what he promised. What more can you ask for? read more

Alan Kirtlink, FileMaker Certified Developer, FileMaker Authorized Trainer

  • As a certified FileMaker Developer who has built dozens of applications, Alan’s technical knowledge is a given. It is Alan’s seemingly limitless patience and his ability to explain complex concepts to the most non-technical of us that really set him apart from other trainers and developers. read more

Greg Lane, Vice President of Application Development, FileMaker Certified Developer

  • Greg doesn’t just program in FileMaker, he studies it. He reads through knowledge-base articles and technical postings that most people can never quite make themselves wade through. If you think you’ve run into a bug in FileMaker and you wonder if anyone else has ever reported it, Greg is the first person you should call. Chances are he already has. read more

Nancy Rowland, Operations & Marketing

  • Nancy’s reputation as a focused, creative and energetic team member who goes above and beyond the call-of-duty has made her a welcome addition to our group. Nancy contributes a new level of energy to the party and provides vision and experience to our mix of talent. read more

Jan Schmitt, Project Manager

  • Jan’s confidence, skills and experience make her our excellent project manager. Jan puts the pieces together, matching the skills and availability of our team with our customers’ priorities, which allows us to us to continue to deliver high quality work. read more


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