Mark Richman, Owner, President, FileMaker Certified Developer, FileMaker Authorized Trainer

  • Mark is that guy you expect when you go out and hire a “Consultant.” When Mark meets with a customer’s team, he grasps their organization’s workflow quickly, analyzes what needs to take place to solve the problem, and communicates it efficiently. We’ve seen enough ‘Ah hah’ moments where a verbal suggestion has us scrambling for our voice recorders to know Mark is the real deal. He founded this company with Oliver because he saw a way to do it differently.
  • You know those guys that copy edit code. Yeah, he’s one of them. Doesn’t miss a detail, and keeps us on our toes.
  • Mark asks lots of questions; questions designed to be useful and derive meaningful information through the process of asking. He doesn’t have a solution to sell – he figures out what the end goal is and comes up with the best way to get there.



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