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Skeleton Key helps turn complex, complicated, and outdated data systems into true information platforms. We do this by developing custom-fit software tools and reporting dashboards that help businesses find, use, and understand their data, freeing them to focus and grow their core business.

To help ensure our ability to deliver on this promise, we have developed a culture of ownership that we bring to every client project. We do this by following the principles of Open Book Management and playing The Great Game of Business for our own business, which is based on three primary concepts:

  1. Know & Teach The Rules
    • We start with financial literacy, both formally and informally, to ensure everyone in our company understands the basic tools and rules that govern how a business or organization operates on paper.
    • Next comes broad participation in budgeting, income tracking and expense management, ensuring that the people who are closest to the action and who understand the realities participate in all planning.
    • We define winning, target it and tie it to a reward, creating a focus and shared goal for everyone in the organization.
  2. Follow the Action & Keep Score
    • We use scorecards to simply and consistently inform the players if they are winning or losing, and who is accountable.
    • We huddle weekly, monthly and quarterly, to provide a rhythm of communication where everyone is kept informed, involved and engaged in moving the company forward.
    • We learn to ‘Forward Forecast’ through practice and discussion, to create forward-looking, educated and results-oriented teams and huddles.
  3. Provide a Stake in the Outcome
    • Everyone who directly participates in strengthening the company likely does so because they have some form of a stake in the outcome. They come to work to win, because they know their work will result in significant rewards or recognition.
    • We use short term, intensely focused, rapid improvement campaigns to affect change, correct a weakness or pursue an opportunity.
    • While not all companies who play the Great Game of Business can or will share equity, getting employees to think and act like owners is one of the most powerful things an organization can do to create measurable and sustainable success.

If you want to see what a company of business-minded developers can do to help your business or organization take it to the next level, fill out our contact form. We’ll set up a meeting to explore how our brand of custom development can benefit you.

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